DATA (Digital Art and Textuality Alliance) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research initiative focused on emerging forms of practice-based research at the interface of electronic writing, digital art, cultural technics, new media theory and new modes of scholarly publishing. The research initiative was founded by University of Colorado Professors Mark Amerika (Art and Art History) and Lori Emerson (English). As part of their research mission, the members of DATA have been building two practice-based research labs in the digital arts and humanities: the TECHNE practice-based research lab in digital art located in the Visual Arts Complex and the Media Archaeology Lab (MAL) located on Grandview Avenue in Boulder.

These two experimental labs serve as cutting edge, interdisciplinary hubs for advanced graduate students and faculty whose research focuses on critical and/or creative practices converging in the area of digital art and textuality. DATA also researches and develops innovative Web sites that experiment with collaborative, practice-based forms of scholarly publishing in conjunction with major university presses. Their first online publishing collaboration, remixthebook, was with the University of Minnesota Press. DATA has also established regional connections with technology groups such as the Digital Foundry and cultural organizations like the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Counterpath Gallery in Denver.

The Digital Art and Textuality Alliance research initiative in the digital arts and humanities is sponsored by the Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA) under the direction of Professor Helmut Muller-Sievers. CHA is a focal point for humanistic research, creative work, and scholarly innovation at the University of Colorado and serves all faculty and students in the arts and humanities. In addition to bringing together academics and students across disciplines, the Center is also an interface between the community and the university.