The Experiential Digital Art Collaboratory (XDA) is located at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Department of Art and Art History. The facility features state-of-the-art new media technologies and functions as a creative work space where students are encouraged to develop critical and collaborative research projects that are relevant to their own evolving arts practice. Production, presentation, and performance ideas can be investigated in the state of the art computer workstation lab, the Critical Chill Room, and the TECHNE post-production editing suites. The facility also includes an area seminar room and various image and sound capturing devices. XDA also serves as a space to participate in the art of creative mindshare, where internationally renowned visiting artists are invited to present their latest projects.

Prior guests include:

  • Cory Arcangel
  • John Simon
  • Christiane Paul
  • Alex Galloway
  • Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky
  • Mark Napier
  • Stephen Vitiello
  • Yael Kanarek
  • Norie Neumark
  • Sara Ludy
  • Marisa Olson
  • Bruce Sterling
  • Jon Satrom
  • Giselle Beiguelman
  • Mary Flanagan
  • McKenzie Wark

You can view the video archives of some of these artist presentations at the Artists In Sight section of Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions.