Johanna and Cori received research grants from the Colorado Field Ornithologists

April 13, 2020

With this grant, Cori plans to sequence nestling fecal samples collected in the 2019 field season around Boulder to determine what insects chickadee adults are feeding their nestlings. In conjunction with insect surveys conducted around nesting boxes, this information will shed insight into how changing insect populations could affect chickadees...

New chickadee paper in Evolution

April 8, 2020

Dom, Scott and collaborators Nancy Chen (U Rochester), Bob Curry (Villanova U), and Irby Lovette (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) just published a new paper on chickadee hybridization in Evolution. In this study we used temporal samples and a high-resolution genomic dataset to examine the hybrid zone between black-capped and Carolina...


Congrats to our grad students!

April 2, 2020

It's awards and fellowships season and our grad students have had many successes! Sheela was awarded a Bernice Udick Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the CU Boulder Graduate School to finish up her dissertation on the role of behavior during speciation in recent radiations. The fellowship provides PhD candidates with one...

cute chickadee

Write-up about our NSF-supported project

March 26, 2020

One of our recently funded NSF grants was just featured in Colorado Arts and Sciences magazine . This project will explore the evolution of post-zygotic reproductive isolation using hybridizing Black-Capped and Carolina chickadees as a model system. Previous studies revealed that hybrids between the two taxa suffer from physiological disfunctions...


Collaboration between Cal-Wood Education Center and Boulder Chickadee Study

March 26, 2020

Two weeks ago, Scott, Kathryn and Angela went to Cal-Wood Education Center to build 53 nest boxes with 4th grade students from Ryan Elementary school. This event took almost the entire day and gave students an opportunity to learn about ornithological research in general, as well as what is happening...

Grumpy nestling

Kathryn begins Chickadee Song Dialect Project

March 19, 2020

While most people have put their lives on hold to practice social distancing, Spring isn't slowing down--Daffodils continue stubbornly pushing to the sky & chickadees keep singing their hearts out. Maybe it's reassuring that in the midst of all this social & scientific disruption, nature is continuing forward with no...


Kathryn wins Graduate School Figueroa Family Fellowship

Feb. 26, 2020

Kathryn was recently awarded the Figueroa Family Fellowship from the Graduate School for her commitment to the achievement of a diverse student body and her work in improving the state of our world and its people. Congratulations to Kathryn for her work on making EBIO, and the sciences in general,...

Scott gives a talk at CSU

Feb. 13, 2020

Scott recently had the pleasure of visiting our neighbors to the north to give a departmental seminar in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University. Thanks to Dr. Kristen Ruegg for the invite! Scott had a great time meeting with the ecology and evolution focussed members of the department,...


Taylor lab hosts Dr. Sarah Knutie for an EBIO departmental seminar

Jan. 29, 2020

Dr. Sarah Knutie's research covers a broad range of areas of study including disease biology, host-microbe interactions, animal behavior and environmental change. Sarah gave a fascinating talk on her work in the Galápagos Islands, where she uses experimental field studies to determine the effect of an introduced parasitic fly Philornis...


Success and catching up at Asilomar: #AmNat2020

Jan. 7, 2020

Scott, Kathryn, Angela, and Sheela recently attended the 2020 meeting of the American Society of Naturalists at Asilomar State Park near Monterey California. Always an excellent meeting, the lab enjoyed hearing about awesome research and catching up with colleagues, all while spotting sea otters, pelicans, and seals from the shoreline...