Published: July 13, 2022

Evolution AOSSome lab members recently returned from the first in person scientific meetings since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Angela and Scott traveled to Cleveland for the Evolution meeting where Angela gave a talk on her dissertation work and Scott helped with the organizing and running of the inaugural Tri-Society Diversity Symposium: Field Safety and Ethics in Evolution and Ecology: Experiences and Tools for Inclusive Practices, as well as Evolution’s Rainbow, an evening of engaging talks and discussion on evolution’s rainbow, with special guest host Nina West. This event consisted of a series of talks from experts on the diversity of sex, sexuality, and gender that exist in nature, and ended with a panel discussion on how this diversity fits into a broader evolutionary context and what we as a community can do to support and retain our LGBTQ+ students and colleagues. 

Scott, Mia, Kathryn, Maria and Sheela also all attended the American Ornithological Society meeting in Puerto Rico where Mia presented her first poster and Kathryn, Scott, Maria, and Sheela gave talks. It was great to see friends and colleagues in person again!