Published: April 17, 2021

Atwood posterEvery year biologists from all three University of Toronto campuses as well as the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) participate in the Atwood Colloquium. In addition to featuring talks from U of T graduate students, postdocs, and faculty, three guest speakers are invited. This year Scott was invited as the "Rising star in evolution", along with Dr. Paulo Brando (Rising star in ecology) and the Atwood Lecturer - Dr. Andy Dobson. The event is an amazing way to highlight ongoing research at U of T and, even in our currently virtual world, has been full of exciting conversations and incredible talks.

Dr. Carl Atwood was a respected forest entomologist, ecologist, and naturalist, who taught at the University of Toronto from 1949 to 1972. Each year, the EEB graduate students select a scientist of high distinction whose work embodies Dr. Atwood's dedication to the ecological sciences to give a lecture in his honour. This lecture series is made possible by a generous endowment from the Atwood family. The 2021 Atwood Colloquium in Ecology and Evolution was organized by: Chelsea Rochman, Matt Osmond, Njal Rollinson, Leila Forsyth, Jill Sanderson, Emma Walker, Vicki Zhang, Lauren Lawson, Pooja Nathan, Lucas Albano, Rachel Giles, Yimin Yu and Sarah Thomson.