Published: July 11, 2019
White-breasted nuthatch nest
Red-breasted nuthatch nestlings
Pygmy nuthatch eggs
Black-capped chickadee nestling

We've had a busy summer. There have been plenty of chickadee families in Boulder county, in addition to some unexpected tenants including red-breasted, white-breasted, and pygmy nuthatches! The field season is finally winding down with our highest elevation nest peaking at a stunning 10,600 feet! In addition to chickadees, we've sighted plenty of moose, foxes, a substantial hare, and dusky grouse. Now it's time to soothe our sun burns in a sub-arctic lab environment.

Photos show, from top to bottom, a white-breasted nuthatch nest, red-breasted nuthatch nestlings, pygmy nuthatch eggs, and a black-capped chickadee nestling.