Prof. Straub is excited to teach topics related to water treatment, physicochemical processes, and environmental engineering.  Below is a list of courses taught by Prof. Straub.  A list of the course offerings in the environmental engineering program is available on the Environmental Engineering Website.

CVEN 3414: Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

CVEN 3414 is a three-credit undergraduate course that covers the fundamentals of environmental engineering, exploring each of the major areas that environmental engineers work in. Major topic areas include environmental chemistry, water treatment, wastewater treatment, air pollution, solid waste, mass balances, ecosystems, and hydrology.  As of Fall 2019, the course has 95 students (mostly juniors) enrolled.

CVEN 5464: Environmental Engineering Processes

CVEN 5464 is a three-credit graduate course focused on understanding fundamental principles and reactor design for processes used in the treatment of water, wastewater, hazardous waste, and natural systems.  It covers topics such as mass balances, diffusion, reactor design, and chemical reactions.  Prof. Straub will begin teaching CVEN 5464 in Fall 2020.

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