Ph.D. Student
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Education Background

Yingli received her Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Chongqing University, China in 2016. Afterward, she continued her Master's study at Chongqing University to get her degrees in Management Science and Engineering. Her research at Chongqing University focuses on the low-carbon city. In August 2019, she became a Ph.D. student in Architectural Engineering in the Sustainable Buildings and Societies Laboratory.

Research Interests

Building Energy Performance Evaluation; Large-scale Building Energy Simulation; Carbon Emissions from Buildings.

Research Projects

09/2021 - 08/2024: NSF - U.S.-Ireland R&D Partnership: Intelligent Data Harvesting for Multi-Scale Building Stock Classification and Energy Performance Prediction

11/2020 - 08/2021: DOE - OpenStudio Software Testing Methodologies Through Building Science Modeling and Analysis (with NREL)

02/2020 - 09/2020: DOE - Building Energy Modeling - OpenStudio SDK Development and Management (with PNNL)

07/2019 - 03/2022: ASHRAE - Energy Modeling of Typical Commercial Buildings in Support of ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Energy Rating Program


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Y. Lou 2021 "Energy Prediction Impact of the Space Level Occupancy Schedule for a Primary School", Building Simulation 2021 Conference, September.