Ph.D. Student
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Education Background

Saranya received her bachelor’s in Architecture in 2015 and a Master’s in Building Energy Performance (Building Science) in 2019 from CEPT University, India. She has a two-years experience in architectural practice and after completing her master's study she worked as a research associate at Center for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE). Her major focus of work was on low-energy cooling systems and development of control algorithms for Mixed-mode buildings using Modelica Co-simulation. She was also a part of the lab and field test team for the Global Cooling prize (Govt.of India and RMI initiative – An innovative competition to develop a climate friendly residential cooling solution).

Research Interests

Grid-interactive efficient district (GED) energy systems, Smart, sustainable and connected communities, High performance buildings, Natural and mechanical ventilation controls. 

Research Projects

01/2021- Present: DOE - Optimal Co-Design of Integrated Thermal-Electrical Networks and Control Systems for Grid-interactive Efficient District (GED) Energy Systems (with RPI, UT Austin,LBNL, NREL & Amzur technologies)

01/2021- Present: DOE - Support for District Energy Simulation with Modelica (with NREL & LBNL)

01/2021- Present: NSF - BIGDATA: Collaborative Research: IA: Big Data Analytics for Optimized Planning of Smart, Sustainable, and Connected Communities (with Virginia Tech)


Anbarasu, S., Shukla, Y., Rawal, R., Cook, M., Loveday, D., Mishra, D., Patel, J., Angelopoulos, C. de Faria, L. C. (2020). Assessing the benefits of changeover control algorithms in Mixed Mode residential buildings in India through co-simulation. ENERGISE 2020. Energy Innovation for a Sustainable Economy. Hyderabad. 12-14 February

de Faria, L., Cook, M., Loveday, D., Angelopoulos, C., Shukla, Y., Rawal, R., Manu, S., Mishra, D., Patel, J., Anbarasu, S., (2019). Design charts to assist on the sizing of natural ventilation for cooling residential apartments in India. Proceedings from BS 2019 and 16th IBPSA International Conference & Exhibition. Rome (Italy), 2-4 September 2019.