Reymundo Miranda
Ph.D. Student
Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at University of Miami


Analysis of multisystem interdependence and sustainability benefits in the Hotel Systems Platform. The research concentrates on the development and modeling of a water source heat pump air conditioning plant coupled with domestic water preheat boiler plant for a 280 guestroom hotel in The City of Surfside. The modeling by the use of Modelica studies, the critical points of available domestic water preheat cycles and open loop condenser water reheat as a symbiotic relationship between the air conditioning plant and domestic hot water plant coupled with plate and frame heat exchanges. Optimum ranges for inherent sustainability through heat energy pass through from the air conditioning plant to the domestic hot water plant are evaluated with the use of Modelica. Available reheat of the condenser water system with the use of available excess domestic hot water boiler plant is analyzed with the modeling of the systems interdependence.