20170525 WeiTian

Wei Tian passed his Ph.D. thesis defense

May 25, 2017

Wei Tian passed his Ph.D. thesis defense. The topic of his thesis denfense is "Coupled Simulation of Indoor Airflow, HVAC, Control, and Building Envelope". Congratulations!


Dr. Zuo attended the 12th International Modelica Conference in Prague

May 17, 2017

The 12th International Modelica Conference was held from May 15th to 17th in Prague, Czech Republic. Dr. Zuo attended the conference and presented our paper titled "Coupled simulation between CFD and multizone models based on Modelica Buildings library to study indoor environment control."


Wei Tian received "ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Award"

May 12, 2017

Wei Tian received the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Award. A Grant-in-Aid is a grant of funds to a full-time graduate student of ASHRAE-related technologies. The goal of the Grant-In-Aid program is to encourage outstanding graduate students to become involved in ASHRAE,...

CABR visit

President, Vice President and members from CABR visited CAE at UM

May 10, 2017

President, vice president and members from China Academy of Building Research (CABR) visited the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAE) Department at the University of Miami. Dr. Zuo welcomed them and introduced our work at SBS Lab.


Yunyang Ye received "ASHRAE UM Chapter Outstanding Service Award"

May 2, 2017

Yunyang Ye received the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) University of Miami Chapter Outstanding Service Award. Congratulations to him!

Dense gas

College of Engineering News "SBS Lab's research: simulating dense gas transport"

May 1, 2017

College of Engineering, University of Miami News reported our new grant from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to develop a computing method to perform a fast prediction of dense gas transportation in buildings.


Reymundo J. Miranda passed his Ph.D. proposal

April 26, 2017

Reymundo J. Miranda successfully passed his Ph.D. Proposal. His proposal is titled "Designing an Energy and Water Efficient Hotel using an Equation-Based Modeling Approach". Congratulations!


Field trips for an air handling system and the Richter utility plant

April 21, 2017

On Wednesday (04/19/2017) and Friday (04/21/2017), Dr. Zuo organized two field trips for some UM students. In these trips, the students visited an air handling system and the Richter utility plant. They had a deeper understanding of HVAC systems through the trips.


CoE's "Outstanding PhD Research Award" for Wei Tian

April 12, 2017

Wei Tian has been awarded the Outstanding PhD Research Award by the College of Engineering. Only one Ph.D. student was awarded this year. This award is to recognize excellence in Ph.D. dissertation research through refereed publications. It remarks his hard work and high quality in research. It is also a...

Buildings Library

SBS Lab researchers contributed to the new Modelica Buildings Library

March 30, 2017

On March 30, 2017, LBNL released version 4.0.0 of Modelica Buildings Library including new models for district energy systems and fast house models. SBS Lab researchers Yangyang Fu and Wei Tian contributed to this new version. This version contains the following major additions: Buildings.Experimental.DistrictHeatingCooling with models for district heating and...