Visiting Ph.D. Student
Shandong Jianzhu University • China


Chenlu Tian obtained her bachelor’s degree in China University of Mining and Technology, and then pursues her Ph.D. degree of Architecture in Shandong Jianzhu University, China. Now, she is a visiting Ph.D. student in the SBS lab. Her focused research is the building data analysis using the machine learning methods and the energy-saving strategies, and she will do some specific researches around the analysis of big building data which is constructed via the Energyplus in the SBS lab. Her field of interests includes building energy modeling using deep learning, the application of internet of things in buildings, and optimized operation schemes of building and cities.


C. Tian, Y. Ye, Y. Lou, W. Zuo, G. Zhang, C. Li 2022. “Daily Power Demand Prediction for Buildings at a Large Scale Using a Hybrid of Physics-based Model and Generative Adversarial Network,” Building Simulation, pp. 1-17.