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Zenciti concept figure


The SBS lab is working with School of Architecture, Center of Computaitional Science to create ZenCiti, a “smart city” expected to revolutionize the IT world with its integration of technology into everyday life. The project will be built next to the Yucatán Science and Technology Park (YSTP). The SBS Lab is working on the renewable energy generation and energy infrastructure of ZenCiti. Conventional and innovative technologies will be used. Conventional technologies are overhangs and landscaping, thermal insulation, rooftop PV, green roof, etc. Innovative technologies are automatic shading, distributed energy resources, building integrated photovoltaics, photonic radiatve cooler, etc. The SBS lab aims to make ZenCiti more energy efficient, convenient, and comfortable.


Press release

UM News "UM to Design Smart City in the Yucatan"