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Powerful computational capabilities have always been sought after by those working in fields that require vast amount of calculations to be done in a relatively short amount of time and a low cost. To meet this needs, we are conducting research in performing high performance building simulation using multi-core CPU and GPU (graphics processing units). By optimizing the numerical algorithm and using the multi-core CPU and GPU, we have successfully accelerated the indoor airflow simulation up to 1,500 times and daylighting simulation up to 12,000 times.


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UM College of Engineering News "SBS lab's Research: Simulating Dense Gas Transport"


W. Tian, T. A. Sevilla, W. Zuo 2017. “A Systematic Evaluation of Accelerating Indoor Airflow Simulations Using Cross Platform Parallel Computing.” Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 10(3), pp. 243-255.