Published: Aug. 11, 2021
Cary Faulkner

PhD student, Cary Faulkner, presented his research on "Physics-based Building System Modeling for Evaluation of Building Performance and Control" at a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) lunchtime webinar. In this presentation, he described the need for high-fidelity, physics-based building system models to evaluate advanced building control and showed three cases where such physics-based models were developed for different control applications.

During his internship at PNNL, Cary was a part of the Control Design team within the Optimization and Control group. He worked on developing physical-based building system models to allow for the evaluation of advanced building control, including a new physics-based temperature sensor model.

As Cary begins his third year of PhD study in the SBS lab, he will continue working on developing physics-based building system models for evaluating advanced control strategies to improve building energy efficiency and indoor environment. His research interests include building system modeling, computational fluid dynamics, indoor environment modeling, and machine learning. For more insights on Cary's background and his scholarly activities, please visit his personal webpage