Published: July 20, 2021

Chiller plants comprise more than half of the power consumption in commercial buildings and therefore any effort in improving their performance contributes significantly to the total energy savings. To address the needs of the building performance analysis community and as a part of a comprehensive research project funded by ASHRAE, our team has developed an open-source Modelica-based model for chiller plants with water-side economizer (WSE) that can simulate control and energy performance of chiller plants with WSE in a wide range of scenarios. Using this tool engineers can make better-informed decisions when selecting control strategies for their field application.

This work has been published under the title of "Open-source Modelica models for the control performance simulation of chiller plants with water-side economizer" in the journal of Applied Energy. To get more insights about this paper please visit this link

The first author of this paper, Chengliang Fan, is a visiting Ph.D. scholar in the SBS lab, where his research focuses on modeling and control of chiller plants. Congratulations to Chengliang Fan on his recent paper publication!

Modelica Model