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On November 21, 2019 several members of the SBS Lab presented for the IBPSA - Denver student presentations at the Colorado School of Mines. The audience included students and faculty from both CU Boulder and Colorado School of Mines, as well as some employees of NREL. The presentations given by the SBS Lab members were:

  • A Modeling Framework to Evaluate Energy, Transportation, and Communication Interdependence in Smart and Connected Communities​, by Ph.D. student Katy Hinkelman
  • Grid-interactive, Efficient and Resilient Communities, by Ph.D. student Jing Wang
  • Advanced Modeling Technologies to Optimize Thermal Environment and Energy Efficiency in Buildings, by Ph.D. student Xu Han
  • Standardized Computational Framework for Building Energy Analyses, by Dr. Yunyang Ye
  • Impact of Electricity Pricing Programs on Selection of Energy Efficiency Measures, by Ph.D. student Yingli Lou
  • Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling, by Ph.D. student Cary Faulkner
  • Evaluation of WELL Building Standard, by Ph.D. student Jes Stershic

All the members did a great job presenting, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet the students from the School of Mines.


Audience of the presentations.

Jing presenting

Jing presenting.

Katy presenting

Katy presenting.