Published: Oct. 10, 2019 By

Dr. Yan Chen from Purdue University gave a seminar titled "Inverse Design of Indoor Environment by CFD-based Optimal Methods" at CU boulder on October 9th. Dr. Chen, who was Dr. Zuo's advisor at Purdue University, discussed using an inverse design approach for enclosed environments with different methods to model the airflow and heat transfer in these environments. The attendees of the seminar enjoyed learning about his exciting research, and were honored to hear from such a successful member of the buldings and indoor air quality community.

Dr. Chen also joined students of Dr. Zuo's and Dr. Zhai's groups for lunch before the seminar. We appreciate him for joining us! See the attached flyer to learn more about this seminar.

Students with Dr. Chen

Dr. Chen and the many attendees of the seminar.

Dr. Chen presenting

Dr. Chen beginning his presentation.

Attendees listening to Dr. Chen

The attendees of the seminar listening to Dr. Chen's presentation.