Published: Sept. 12, 2019 By

The 2019 Building Simulation conference hosted by the International Building Performance Simulation Association was held in Rome, September 2-4. Four presentations were delivered by members of the group:

  • Enhancing the Implementation of a First-order Equivalent Thermal Parameter Model to Enable Accurate and Robust Building Thermal Response Prediction by Ph.D. student Katy Hinkelman
  • A Multidisciplinary Model to Couple Power System Dynamics and Building Dynamics to Enable Building-to-Grid Integration by Dr. Wangda Zuo
  • A Methodology to Quantify the Impact of Building Energy Code Upgrades on Building Energy Savings: A Case Study on Small Offices by Ph.D. Candidate Yunyang Ye
  • Optimization of Workload Distribution of Data Centers Based on a Self-Learning In Situ Adaptive Tabulation Model by Dr. Wangda Zuo.

Dr. Zuo also served as a chair for the best student paper competition. Great job to all for presenting internationally at this conference!


From left to right: Yunyang Ye, Dr. Qingyan Chen, Katy and Dr. Zuo at the 2019 Building Simulation conference.