AbSciCon 2015 Abstracts

Twenty abstracts from eight different RPL labs (Boyd, Brazelton, Cardace, Hoehler, McCollom, Schrenk, Shock, Templeton) were submitted for presentation at AbSciCon 2015. Sixteen of these were submitted to The Habitability of Water-Rock-Supported Ecosystems session organized by RPL PI Alexis Templeton.
Constraints on biogeochemical processes and microbial metabolisms from host rock composition and alteration. P.A. Canovas and E.L. Shock

Bioenergetics of hyperalkaline spring systems of the Samail Ophiolite and the potential for a diverse subsurface biosphere. P.A. Canovas and E.L. Shock

Mineralogical diversity in ultramafic host rock and travertines associated with high pH, actively serpentinizing springs in the Philippines. D. Cardace, D.R. Meyer-Dombard, and C. Arcilla

Integration of 3 consecutive years of aqueous geochemistry monitoring in the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory (Cromo), Northern California. D. Cardace, T.M. Hoehler, T.McCollom, M.O.Schrenk, and M.Kubo

Metagenomic investigations of serpentinization-powered microbial ecosystems. W. J. Brazelton, K. I. Twing, A. Longino, C. Thornton, and M. O. Schrenk

Generation of hydrogen and methane during low temperature olivine-water reactions. - C. Donaldson and T. M. McCollom

Pyrite supported subglacial ecosystems Z. Harrold, T. Hamilton, E. Roden, M. Skidmore, and E. Boyd

Geochemical influences on sediment bacterial communities in a serpentinization-hosted ecosystem. - A. Howells, A. T. Poret-Peterson, A. Cox, P. Canovas, and E. L. Shock

H2 cycling in Yellowstone National Park hot spring communities. M. R. Lindsay, K. E. Fristad, K. M. Fec-teau, E. L. Shock, T. M. Hoehler, and E. S. Boyd

Investigating redox preferences in subglacial sediments. L. J. McKay, M. L. Skidmore, and E. S. Boyd

The energetics of carbon compound redox chemistry in serpentinizing fluids. K. J. Robinson and E. L. Shock

The modeler’s perspective of habitability: key factors and insights from the field. S. M. Som, K.E. Fristad, and T.M. Hoehler

Coupled geochemical and biological processes in low-temperature serpentinizing systems - A. S. Templeton, H. M. Miller, L.E. Mayhew, K. Rempfert, E. Ellison, J.M. Matter, and P. Kelemen

Exploration of mineral-microbe interactions in the serpentinite subsurface environment. - K. I. Twing, W. J. Brazelton, M. D. Kubo, T. M. Hoehler, D. Cardace, T. M. McCollom and M. O. Schrenk

Abstracts from RPL labs in other sessions

Hydrogen and the Evolution of Respiration E.S. Boyd, G.J. Schut, M.W.W. Adams, and J.W. Peters

Fumaroles as long-term habitats for photosynthetic life on mars. T. M. McCollom, K. L. Rogers, and B. M. Hynek

Carbon hide and seek: tracking carbon exchange among individual methanogens Julia McGonigle and William J. Brazelton

Cultivable halophiles from cold geysers as indicators of a deep subsurface habitat Shahrzad Motamedi and William J. Brazelton

Development of a taxon mixing model to infer sources and mixing of microbial taxa from molecular sequence datasets. - Christopher Thornton and William J. Brazelton

Community Characterization of Microbial Populations found in Supraglacial Icings at Borup Fiord Pass. - C. B. Trivedi, G. E. Lau, A. S. Templeton, S. E. Grasby, & J. R. Spear