Julian Resasco - Assistant Professor
Research interests: landscape connectivity, corridors, fragmentation, plant-pollinator networks, community ecology, stable isotope ecology, and conservation. 
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Anna Paraskevopoulos​ - PhD student
Research interests: ant ecology, distributions, and behavior, conservation, plant-insect interactions, morphology, and community ecology


Claire Winfrey​ - PhD student, co-advised by Noah Fierer
Research interests: aboveground-belowground linkages, dispersal, community ecology, ecosystem processes, microbial ecology, insect ecology, and biogeography


Kaitlyn Barthell​ - B.A. / M.A. student
Research interests: bee diversity, plant diversity, insect ecology, pollination, and community ecology


Andrew Gaier​ - Undergraduate researcher
Research interests: Plant ecology, plant-pollinator interactions and networks, insect biology, landscape connectivity, and human-wildlife conflict


Anabella Miller​ - Summer undergraduate researcher from New Mexico Highlands University, co-advised by Katie Suding and Irfan Alam
Research interests: conservation, amphibian conservation, insect ecology, community ecology, animal behavior, and molecular ecology