Park lab thanks previous members for their hard work & contributions to research:


Dominique Borunda

Research Assistant (2016-2019)
Dominique was an excellent Research Assistant all throughout the years. As a Chemical Engineering major, she helped us with many basic needs, including making many different plates and medias and yeast strain constructions.

Xinyi (Cindy) Fu

Research Assistant (2015-2017)
Cindy is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Leslie Leinwand lab at University of Colorado-Boulder. Cindy was a dynamo at the lab. Her strong work ethics accelerated the progress of our research, and led to identification of ubiquitin-dependent checkpoint, together with Lada's founding work on this project (PNAS, 2018).

Frances Li

Research Assistant (2013-2016)
Frances is now an M.D./Ph.D. student at University of Colorado Medical School at Anschutz. She was a a founding member of the lab, together with Lada. Her projects led to an early development of nucleotide-dependent switch of proteasome assembly via Nas6; she generated an awesome model, using her minor in Computer Science.

George Polovin

Ph.D. student (2015-2018)
George is currently a Senior Research Associate at Gilead Sciences, CA. George was a very good biochemist and also initiated live-cell imaging work in the lab. His work significantly contributed to later work on 2 alternative mechanisms of regulating proteasomal ATPases (JBC, 2019), and also provided insights into ubiquitin-dependent checkpoint work (PNAS, 2018).

Vladyslava (Lada) Sokolova, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow (2014-2017)
Lada is currently doing a second Post-Doctoral Training at Dongyan Tan lab at SUNY Stony Brook, NY. Lada was a founding member of Park lab! She was very creative and tenacious at the bench. Her research findings set a soild foundation, generating the very first paper of the Park lab (2015, Scientific Reports), and followup stories including PNAS, 2018 paper & current manuscript in 2021.