Fall Semester:

MCEN 5228 – Mechanobiology

Doctoral level course that deals with how mechanical forces modulate the morphological and structural fitness of biological tissues. Current molecular mechanisms by which cells convert mechanical stimulus into chemical activity and the literature supporting them will be discussed. Students will acquire an understanding and expertise from the analysis of primary literature and completion of a synthesis project. This course will serve as the focal point of discourse for doctoral students with research requiring an in-depth understanding of the interface of mechanics and molecular and cellular biology.

Spring Semester:

MCEN 2023 – Statics & Structures

Foundational course that covers statics of particles, equivalent force systems, rigid bodies, equilibrium of rigid bodies in two and three dimensions, analysis of truss and frame structures, uniaxially-loaded members, deformation and stress, distributed force systems, friction. Lecture and homework assignments involve analytical and computational work.