The mass spectrometry laboratory is located on the basement floor of the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building, room C1B90.

Thomas Lee, Ph.D., Room C1B90A, JSCBB

Email, Phone 303.735.4019

Research background

Thomas got his B.S degree in Biochemistry at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, and earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Natalie Ahn at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His thesis focused on elucidating how protein motions/flexibility influence enzymatic activities using hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry (HDX-MS). 

Current Research Interests

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that can modulate protein expression at a post-transcriptional level.  Recent studies have shown that miRNAs can function as either oncogene or tumor suppressors during tumorigenesis.  The Ahn group identified a network of miRNAs whose expression is regulated by oncogenic B-Raf in melanoma, a type of skin cancers.  Thomas focuses on elucidating the role of the network of miRNAs in melanoma using functional proteomics and bioinformatics.  Above all, Thomas is dedicated to helping researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder and beyond answer their biological questions using his expertise in analytical chemistry


Danijel Djucovic, Ph.D., Room C1B90B, JSCBB

Email, 303.492.1159

Dr. Djukovic joined the Central Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility at the University of Colorado, Boulder in May of 2017. He is an expert in development and applications of qualitative and quantitative MS-based technologies for small molecule analysis and targeted and global metabolic profiling. In addition, he has an extensive experience in managing MS service facility as well as performing maintenance, trouble-shooting and repairs of LC and MS systems.  

Prior to joining the University of Colorado, Dr Djukovic was working as a research scientist and lab manager at the Northwest Metabolomics Research Center (NW-MRC) at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle for over five years. At the NW-MRC he developed a number or targeted LC-MS/MS techniques including the highly reproducible and robust assay for targeted measurements of up to 200 metabolic species, which attracted great interest among basic and clinical researchers at the local, national and international levels. Dr. Djukovic also managed day to day operations at the NW-MRC and, under supervision of Dr. Daniel Raftery, led all targeted MS-based collaborative research efforts. Prior to joining UW, Dr. Djukovic worked as a research scientist for Matrix-Bio, Inc., West Lafayette, IN, where he led the development and clinical validation of the first metabolic LC-MS-based test for breast cancer recurrence monitoring (BCR). He is an author/co-author of over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications and two book chapters.

Dr. Djukovic has a very strong theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in operating, maintaining and servicing liquid chromatography and high sensitivity and high resolution MS systems. Dr. Lee and Dr. Djukovic, under the supervision of Dr. Natalie Ahn, will be in charge of operating and maintaining the proposed nanoLC Q Exactive HF Orbitrap MS system.

Any questions you may have regarding sample preparation, data interpretation, or method of analysis are welcome.  We are happy to help you during the experimental design of your project in order to maximize the information resulting from our MS analysis.