Sung Min Kim
M.S. • Advised by Prof. Kyri Baker, Co-advised by Prof. Kasprzyk
Civil Systems

Sung Min Kim graduated with the MS in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Civil Systems. She was advised by Professor Kyri Baker and co-advised by Prof. Kasprzyk, and was funded through the GAANN fellowship program for revitalizing U.S. infrastructure, as well as a graduate fellowship from the Water-Energy Nexus Interdisciplinary Research Theme at CU Boulder. She graduated with the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in Spring 2019.  At Cornell, she was the subteam lead for AguaClara, a multidisciplinary program that designs drinking water treatment systems, and an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Patrick Reed's group. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to design water treatment plants, work on a collaborative NOAA research proposal on the Upper Colorado River Basin with the State of Colorado and analyze NCAR’s Community Earth System Model 1 North American Monsoon simulation biases. Her master's research focused on the intersection between energy systems and water resources.