Maddy Pernat
PhD Student • Co-advised by Prof. Edith Zagona

Maddy is a PhD student in Civil Engineering with a focus on Hydrology, Water Resources, and Environmental Fluid Mechanics. She is co-advised by Prof. Joseph Kasprzyk and Prof. Edith Zagona and is funded by the GAANN fellowship program for Resilient and Equitable Infrastructure through Participatory, Inclusive Engineering. She is currently working on a project led by Dr. Ben Livneh and Dr. Kasprzyk where she is researching improved streamflow forecasting methods using machine learning. Later in her graduate career, she plans to focus her research around multi-objective decision making as applied to water management issues in the Colorado River Basin. Prior to attending CU, Maddy studied Civil Engineering and Data Science at Montana State University. While there, she worked on multiple traffic safety research projects at the Western Transportation Institute, and later worked at the Center for Biofilm Engineering where she researched pharmaceutical removal from wastewater. Outside of her studies, she enjoys hiking, mountain biking, playing the guitar, and cooking.