Nathan Bonham
PhD • Co-advised by Prof. Edith Zagona

Nathan graduated in Fall 2023 with the PhD in Civil Engineering with a focus on Hydrology, Water Resources, and Environmental Fluid Mechanics. He was co-advised by Prof. Edith Zagona.  His research focuses on bottom-up decision making frameworks for improved management of water supply in the Colorado River Basin. The research is funded by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, with extra support from the GAANN fellowship program on revitalizing U.S. infrastructure. Nathan completed the BS at West Virginia University in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and his research there included development of rapid flood forecasting algorithms, risk assessment of Atlantic Hurricanes to agriculture, and time series analysis of remotely sensed climatic data. In 2021, Nathan was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, where he will integrate his PhD and undergraduate research experience into post-conflict water management research in the Orontes River Basin, Syria. Nathan enjoys hiking and cooking with his wife, spending time with his church family, playing frisbee with his dog, and running.