Jacob Kravits
PhD • Co-advised by Prof. Kyri Baker
Civil Systems

Jacob Kravits graduated in Fall 2023 with the PhD in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Civil Systems. He was co-advised by Prof. Kyri Baker and was funded through the GAANN fellowship program for revitalizing U.S. infrastructure, as well as a graduate fellowship from the Water-Energy Nexus interdisciplinary research theme at CU Boulder. He published a study contributing a novel application of machine learning for dam hazard classification, and his further doctoral research focuses on integrated water resources and energy systems, seeking approaches that can help better model and optimize these interconnected systems. He received the BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There, he worked on a project researching optimal levee design in a changing climate. Jacob also worked in a multidisciplinary research group at Virginia Tech studying the water quality and social effects of a pipeline installation.


Kravits, J, K Baker, JR Kasprzyk. 2021. "Multi-Objective Optimal Power Flow Considering Emissions and Voltage ViolationsProceedings of the 2021 Power and Energy Systems General Meeting

Kravits, J, JR Kasprzyk, K Baker, K Andreadis. 2021. "Screening Tool for Dam Hazard Potential Classification Using Machine Learning and Multiobjective Parameter TuningJournal of Water Resources Planning and Management. vol 147(10)