Principal Investigator

Adam Holewinski

Picture of Adam HolewinskiAdam joined CU in fall 2015 as Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado–Boulder. He is also a Fellow of the CU-NREL Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI), as well as an affiliated faculty member of the CU Materials Science Engineering Program. He obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgia Tech. His research interests lie in heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry for sustainable production of energy and chemicals, with emphasis in characterization through kinetics, spectroscopy, and computational modeling.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

F. Willian S. Lucas

Picture Of Will Lucas B. S., Chemistry,  Federal University of Ceara, 2010
M. S. Analytical Chemistry,  Federal University of Ceara, 2012
Ph. D, Physical-Chemistry, Federal University of Sao Carlos, 2016
Will is producing and studying single-atoms based catalysts for electrochemical synthesis of value-added chemicals. He is also the evaluating the reaction mechanisms by DEMS, ATR-SEIRAS, and other analytic methods.

Graduate Students:

Alex Roman

Picture of Alex RomanBachelor of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University, 2014
Alex works on upgrading biomass-derived model compounds through selective partial oxidations. He is probing catalytic surface reaction mechanisms with the goal of engineering heterogeneous electrocatalysts, particularly for transformations involving furans.

Alex Delluva

Picture of Alex DelluvaBachelor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 2015
Alex’s research involves the characterization of buried interfaces in solid-state batteries, including a novel cell architecture for sustained depth of discharge in Li-O2 batteries.

Adam Baz

Picture of Adam BazB.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2016
Adam’s research focuses on the electro-oxidation pathways of small organic molecules on bifunctional catalysts. These reactions have important implications both as fundamental model reactions and also as practical components of direct-alcohol fuel cells. The project combines transient kinetic techniques, in situ IR spectroscopy, and microkinetic modeling to better understand the nature of the active sites in these reactions.

Jessica Dudoff:

Picture of Jessica DudoffB.S. Engineering Physics and Applied Math, University of the Pacific, 2014
Post College Appointee, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2015-16
Jess’s research involves using impedance spectroscopy and charge carrier transport models to characterize interfaces in solid state batteries. The materials explored are relevant to Li-ion and Li-air cells. 

Joseph Hasse:

Picture of Joseph HasseBachelor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 2017
Joe focuses primarily on using surface enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA) spectroscopy in order to characterize catalytically relevant surface species during the electro-oxidation of biomass model compounds. 

Faysal Khulaifi

Picture of Faysal KhulaifiB.S. Chemical Engineering, King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, 2011
M.S., Chemical Engineering, King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, 2014
Faysal is exploring selective thermal catalytic oxidation pathways for small organics using a combination of IR spectroscopy and kinetic analysis.

Taylor Spivey

Picture of Taylor Spivey B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee, 2018
Taylor’s research involves the tuning of supported metal nanoparticles with shape, size, and composition control to modulate the selectivity of electrochemical reductions of model biomass compounds. Analytical, electroanalytical, and spectroscopic (FTIR, XAS) methods are used to probe the reaction mechanisms of interest alongside electrocatalyst electronic structure.

Undergraduate Researchers

Nicholas Kurtyka 

Hussain Almajed



  • Zachary Barton

Graduate Students

  • Cody Barnhill (Masters of Chemical Engineering)

Undergraduate Students

  • Sarah Burns (CU Student)
  • Roy Madrid (CU Student)
  • Jordan Finzel (C2B2 REU)
  • George Curtis (CU Student)
  • Sam Kaczaral (YSSRP Scholar)
  • Griffin Drake (YSSRP Scholar)