Those interested in obtaining research space, waiving Greenhouse usage fees, or work study and volunteer positions for the Greenhouse, please see the applicable documents below.

All Greenhouse users are required to read the Greenhouse Policy and Guidelines.

Greenhouse Policy and Guidelines

Application for Research Space in EBIO Greenhouse

Waiver for Greenhouse Usage Fees

Application for Work-Study

Application for Work Study Insect Monitor

Application for Greenhouse Volunteers


If you would like to volunteer in the biology greenhouse, we currently work with volunteers on Wednesday at the east campus greenhouse. Volunteers do a variety of tasks such as planting seed, transplanting plants to other sized containers, plant propagation, pest control using dishwashing soap, pruning, making pollinations, cleaning, and generally helping out with arranging and putting things in order. Not every task is one that directly involves working with plants. If this sounds like volunteer work that appeals to you, please complete an Application for Greenhouse Volunteers.

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