The Department of EBIO at the University of Colorado maintains several quality greenhouses which are used for a variety of research and teaching activities by faculty, researchers, and students. The department's greenhouse facilities include:

  • Two ground-level, separate greenhouses near Macky Auditorium
  • A single-room facility on the rooftop of Ramaley Hall
  • A ground level, compartmentalized facility at 30th Street on the East Campus
  • More information on each greenhouse available in the Applications and Policies page pace specifically in Policy and Guidelines


Macky Greenhouse

The West Macky Greenhouse is used for housing part of the teaching collection, especially those plants loaned for laboratory use.  The newly renovated East Macky Greenhouse is currenlty dedicated to research, including permament plant collections for faculty within EBIO and shorter-term rotating experiments. 

Ramaley Greenhouse

Used primarily for active research purposes: plants maintained in the Ramaley greenhouse are generally used at regular intervals for research. This greenhouse is ideal for experiments or plants where regular sampling is required.  Additionally, this greenhouse may be used periodically for some student experiments, space permitting.

30th St. Greenhouse  

This is the largest facility with 8,753ft2 of growing space under glass.  The facility is compartmentalized into different rooms which are maintained at various temperature and humidity ranges.  Used for research purposes as well as housing the majority of the teaching collection.  Rooms 114 and 120 generally do not have space for research projects (unless they occupy a small amount of space).  Volunteers help with a variety of tasks at this greenhouse every Wednesday.