This study seeks to analyze data on water service providers (WSPs) in the Kasai Oriental Province, DRC  to determine the combination of conditions such WSP capacities (e.g.,, technical maintenance capacities and financial reporting mechanisms) result in the different outcomes sought by the project (e.g., increased access to water services and increased patronage of WSPs) . Following the ToC, this effort will analyze individual conditions and outcomes for each of the fourteen studied WSPs, perform a cross-case comparison, and determine pathways, or ‘recipes’ of conditions, in isolation or combined, associated with outcomes assessed near the end of the contract.

Project Description

The name of the overarching USAID funded activity is "Accelerating Peri-Urban Water and Sanitation Services in Kasai Oriental and Lomami Provinces Activity"  is to increase access to water and sanitation services for individuals in peri-urban areas of Kasai Oriental and Lomami Provinces. USAID seeks to increase access to water and sanitation services for residents in the target regions that are serviced by newly created or existing WSPs. One of the specific objectives of the activity is to generate statistical evidence and associated learning studies about the relation between the water and sanitation innovations and their effectiveness in generating scalable interventions in the target region and elsewhere in the DRC. This QCA study is one of the learning studies. The project is currently in the data collection stage as capacity development interventions are ongoing.


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