We envision a world where people have equitable access to safe infrastructure that improves their lives.


We strive to improve the sustainability and resiliency of vulnerable populations by researching the interface of the social, institutional, and built environments.

Core Values

We want every GPO member to be successful. To do this, we support each other by giving our time to review and provide constructive comments on other GPO member’s work, recognizing that the collective is better than the individual, and recognizing team member’s achievements.

We remain committed to producing high-quality research results. We only publish results that we are confident are valid and defensible.

We recognize that many individuals and organizations gave their time to allow us to conduct our research and could benefit from our findings. We will give back by ensuring that our work is disseminated in diverse sources. This includes disseminating our work through peer-reviewed articles, conference publications, popular press, and social media.

We are “All In.” We are committed to giving our "all" to produce the highest quality research with implementable results that improve communities.

We value honesty and integrity.  We will be direct and forthcoming in our communication and promises. We will ensure that we protect the people that participate in our research and will abide by our IRB requirements.


The GPO culture is centered around collaboration, creativity, a commitment to be our best, and producing high quality results that improve communities and organizations.