How do I apply to join the Global Projects and Organizations Research Group?

If you are a prospective graduate student and wish to apply for graduate study in the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) Department, please consult the CEAE prospective student page. We do not review applications over email, only through the formal application process. If you wish to discuss mutual research interests, please email me with specific questions and areas of interest at


How can I partner with Global Projects and Organizations Research Group?

We actively look to partner with organizations on research topics in any of our four key areas that include: (1) Disaster Recovery and Resiliency; (2) Water, Sanitation, and Hygeine (WASH); (3) Knowledge Mobilization in Global Projects and Organizations; and (4) Engineering Education. If you have an idea for future research, please reach out and we'd be happy to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Inquiries can be directed to

I can't view one of your publications. How can I obtain access?

Should you find a publication that you are interested in, but don't have access to, send us an email and we'd be happy to provide you a copy of any our publications! Inquires can be directed to any of the authors listed on the desired publication; emails can be found linked on the team member's profile. Please try to contact first authors, when possible.