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We at the University of Colorado are lucky enough to have the American Vacuum Society's ALD conference and ALE workshop hosted here in Colorado. The George group will have a strong presence this year with three posters and eight oral presentations by current group members (not to mention those given by group alums)! Here's the schedule of George group talks:

Saturday | Atomic Layer Etching Poster Session, 6 pm

Joel ClanceyIn Situ Mass Spectrometer Studies of Volatile Etch Products During Thermal Al2O3 Atomic Layer Etching Using HF and Trimethylaluminum

David ZywotkoThermal Atomic Layer Etching of ZnO by “Conversion-Etch” Using Hydrogen Fluoride and Trimethylaluminum

Jonas GertschSF4 as a New Fluorine Reagent for Thermal ALE: Application to Al2O3 and VO2 ALE



Steven M. George, 2:00 pm, Atomic Layer Etching Session I, Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2 by a “ConversionEtch” Mechanism 



Younghee Lee, 8:00 am, Atomic Layer Etching Session III, Selectivity in Thermal Atomic Layer Etching (INVITED)

Nicholas Johnson, 11:15 am, Atomic Layer Etching Session III, WO3 and W Thermal Atomic Layer Etching Using “Conversion-Fluorination” and “Oxidation-Conversion-Fluorination” Etching Mechanisms

Tommi Kääriäinen, 11:45 am, ALD Fundamentals: Emerging Applications, Improving Processability of Poorly Flowing Pharmaceutical Powders by Atomic Layer Deposition

Jaclyn Sprenger, 4:00 pm, ALD Fundamentals: Process Development, Boron Nitride Growth at Room Temperature Using Electron Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (EE-ALD)



Alexander Yersak, 9:00 am, ALD Applications: Batteries I, Comparing Temporal and Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for Enhanced Performance of Li Ion Battery Electrodes

Andrew Cavanagh, 2:30 pm, ALD for Manufacturing, Growth Rates During Silicon Spatial ElectronEnhanced Atomic Layer Deposition: Role of Dangling Bond Lifetime

Jasmine Wallas, 2:45 pm, ALD Applications: Batteries II, Improving Interfacial Stability of Sulfide-Based LithiumIon-Conducting Solid Electrolytes with ALD


Find the full ALD2017 schedule here and look for us at the conference!