Published: Nov. 7, 2016 By

AVS2016The annual American Vacuum Society (AVS) Symposium is being held this week. The conference starting yesterday, Nov. 6th, and running through Friday, Nov. 11th, is being held in Nashville, TN, also known as Music City, USA. Several George group members will be in attendance, giving talks at the symposium. A schedule of group member talks follows. 

Steve George will be giving a talk on Tuesday at 8:20 am in the Thin Film Advanced ALD Processsing session titled Growth of Silicon Films at Room Temperature Using Electron Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition. This work was primarily headed by 5th year graduate student Jaclyn Sprenger. Steve will be giving a second talk during this session titled Spatial MLD of Polyamide Films on Flexible Substrates using a New Rotating Cylinder Reactor in a Custom Oven at 11:40 am. This work was primarily headed by former graduate student and postdoc Daniel Higgs

During the Thin Film session on Photovoltaics, postdoc Diane Lancaster will be giving a talk on her work, titled Controlling the Composition of Zn(O,S) Alloys Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition, at 5 pm on Tuesday.

Finally, on Wednesday during the Thin Film Atomic Layer Etching session, postdoc Amy Marquadt and graduate student Nicholas Johnson will be giving talks at 11:40 am and 12 pm, respectively. Amy's talk is on the Conformality of Thermal Al2O3 Atomic Layer Etching in High Aspect Ratio Structures. Nick's talk is on Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Crystalline Aluminum Nitride Using Sequential, Self-Limiting HF and Sn(acac)2 Reactions and Enhancement by H2 and Ar Plasmas.

Find more information about the conference, and abstracts for these talks here. Look for us at AVS 2016!