Lily Nguyen
Grad student • she/hers

MCDB MD/PhD student
co-advised with Dr. Ben Bitler (CU Anschutz Medical Center)
BS (Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology), University of Michigan

Lily spent her formative years in the beautiful and western part of Michigan, but most of her childhood was spent along the Missouri River in Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) with a BS in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology. After undergrad, she spent a few years on the east coast enjoying good food, watching Broadway shows, and studying the molecular underpinnings of fatty liver disease in the Ehrlich lab at Yale University and bariatric surgery in the Cohen lab at Rockefeller University.
Lily is currently an MD-PhD student at the University of Colorado and co-mentored by Dr. Ed Chuong (Boulder) and Dr. Ben Bitler (Anschutz). She will combine functional genetics and cancer biology to study the role of ERVs in ovarian cancer. Outside of the lab, she is an avid reader, a mediocre hiker, and an amateur runner.