Information for All Bowman/Stansbury Group Members

Sending an email to the group:

Email This will reach all Bowman/Stansbury group members, including Chris and Jeff. If you sign up for an instrument for a large block of time and then realize you can't use it, please send an email to the group letting people know, so someone else can use it if they need it.

Instrument sign-ups:

We have Google calendars for many of our instruments, including the lamps, FTIR's, DMA, UV-vis, etc. If you find yourself needing to use a particular instrument, please email Taylor ( or the current person in charge of the calendars. Once you are trained on it by the person in charge of that instrument, you can be added to the calendar to reserve time.

Weekly group meeting:

Our group meeting is every Monday at 3:30pm in B331 (as of February 2016) during the regular semesters and the summer session. You need to make every effort to be there - do your best not to schedule any classes during that time. If there is a core required class that you absolutely can't get out of during that time, contact Marvin (, or the current person in charge of scheduling group meeting, to let him know before the semester starts, and we will try to adjust.

  • Every week at group meeting, one person will present their research and one person will present a current piece of literature. This rotates through all group members. If you get scheduled on a day when you have a conflict, try to find someone else that will swap their day with you.
  • When choosing a piece of literature to present, here are the rules:
    • Must have been published within the last year
    • Must be in a journal with impact factor 10 or higher
    • Your presentation should be 2-3 slides maximum
    • You want to choose something that you think will be interesting to the group at large, and suggest ways that the results of the paper might be helpful to us. Some typical journals we often use are: JACS, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Science, Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry.

Weekly small group meetings:

Small group meetings for various topics take place every Thursday. You can see them on Chris' calendar. These are informal meetings to talk about any interesting results or related topics/questions you want to discuss with fellow group members and/or Chris. You should plan to go to the meetings that are related to your project. Additionally, you are welcome to attend any other meetings that interest you.

Weekly individual meetings:

See explanation in the “New Member To-Do List.” First and second year students should meet individually with Chris at least once every 2 weeks. Everyone else, at least once a month.

Conference travel:

  • If there is a conference you would like to attend, you need to clear it with Chris before submitting an abstract.
  • Fill out the Travel Authorization and Reimbursement form, get Chris’ signature, and return the completed form to the main ChBE office.
  • Booking flights is done either through Concur (available through the MyCUInfo website) or through Christopherson Travel.
  • Procurement cards CANNOT be used for hotels, transportation, or other travel related expenses. You need to use your own credit card and then apply for reimbursement afterwards, so be sure to save your receipts.