The Bowman Research Group is based at the University of Colorado at Boulder and directed by Christopher N. Bowman, James & Catherine Patten Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Our general research thrust is the investigation of the formation, structure and properties of crosslinked polymeric materials, particularly those formed from photopolymerization reactions. Specifically, our group is focusing on developing new materials and photopolymerization mechanisms for a variety of applications including:

  • Sequence-Controlled Polymerization of "Click" Nucleic Acids (CNAs)
  • "Click" Reactions for Polymer Networks
  • Covalent Adaptable Polymer Networks
  • Novel Dental Materials
  • Photoinduced Synthetic Vesicles for Artificial Cells

These interests are investigated by incorporating a mixture of polymerization reaction engineering, monomer and polymer synthesis, and experimental characterization.

The group is currently composed of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, with various interdisciplinary collaborations with professors from electrical engineering, biochemistry, and dentistry.