This service is only available for MCDB, EBIO, and IPHY departments. To request this service for your department, contact

If you want to share your equipment with other researchers, click here.

  • Equipment can stay in your lab, or may be able to move to a shared lab space if available.
  • Users of non-standard lab equipment will be required to recieve training (either by the BioCore, or someone in your lab)
  • Users will share the cost of maintenance and repairs.¬†
  • Users behaving with gross negligence may hold the entire cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Access to your lab space is up to you. (provide trained users a key, or only make available when the door is open)

If you want to donate, surplus, or have equipment disposed of, click here.

  • You want to give equipment to the BioCore, and continue to have access to it.
  • You want to donate equipment to the BioCore, and say goodbye to it.
  • It's broken and you don't want it anymore.
  • Any other reason.