The Program in Jewish Studies is an innovative and deeply interdisciplinary program that explores Jewish culture, history, society and thought across disciplinary borders and in a global context. This certificate program allows graduate students across campus interested in Jewish studies to explore Jewish culture, history, society, and thought in a number of disciplines. We also provide intensive mentoring of graduate research and writing projects through our graduate colloquium.


This graduate certificate is open to all currently matriculated graduate students. They may apply for the graduate certificate at any point in their graduate career at CU. Students may apply by following the link to the admission form below.

Apply for Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies 


Please fill out this form to indicate if you have completed the Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies. If all elements of your completion application are approved by Jewish Studies' Director of Graduate Studies, we will submit a request for your certificate to be added to your transcript.

Apply for Completion of Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies

The above buttons will redirect to a Google Form. Please fill out the proper form to be considered for admission or completion of the graduate certificate. 

Requirements for Completion