Published: Sept. 6, 2017

Director Nan Goodman, Program in Jewish StudiesRecently, Dr. Nan Goodman was interviewed by Chris Leppek from Intermountain Jewish News, a weekly newspaper that covers events in Colorado and surrounding states as well as Israel and Jewish communities around the world. The article, titled "Literature meets law," discusses how Dr. Goodman came into her role as the Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at CU Boulder. It also focuses on how she uniquely intersects literature and law, "They share, among other things, the fact that they're constructed on the basis of language, that they operate often within prescribed constraints, and that they're both involved in mixing imagination and the normative, what is and what should be and what could be."

Like the serendipitous moments that have taken place in the course of her research and led her to become a Jewish Studies scholar, she feels that she is meant to be here. "I really have a tremendous passion for it," she says. "I'm very grateful that I was given this opportunity. It's been like beshert."


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