This page lists all projects and the PIs that are sponsored by IRT seed grants in 2018. 

Reducing Water Consumption via Free Market Renewable Integration
PIs: Kyri Baker, Rafaeal Frongillo

Integrated Water, Energy, and Emissions Trajectories and Tradeoffs for the U.S.
PIs: Sherri Cook, Jana Milford

Rapid and Novel Agglomeration Process in the Water-Energy Nexus
PIs: Rob Davis, Sherri Cook

Robust Membrane for Treatment of Flue-gas Desulfurization (FGD) Waste Water
PIs: Yifu Ding, Jason Ren, Rong Long

Upcycling slags for passive purification of wastewater & landfill biogas (optimization and mechanistic studies for the sustainable reuse of these promising industrial byproducts)
PI: Mark Hernandez 

Mixed-Conducter Cascade Electrodes for High Density Energy Storage in Li2O2
PIs: Adam Holewinski, Sehee Lee

Tradeoffs of Alternate Water Resources for Thermoelectric Power Plant Cooling
PIs: Joseph Kasprzyk, Kyri Baker, Ben Livneh, Lisa Dilling, Ashlynn Stillwell

Toward Water and Energy Security via Improved Characterization of Reservoir Sedimentation
PIs: Ben Livneh, Joseph Kasprzyk

Fracking Soils: Towards an Engineered Delivery Method for Environmental Remediation and Soil Modification
PIs: Yida Zhang, Joe Ryan

Application of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) for Environmental Sample Analysis: Development of Internal Expertise
PIs: Fernando Rosario, Jason Ren, Rong Long

Enhanced UV-LED Water Purification Using Magnetically Retrievable Nano Photo-Catalysts
PIs: Alan Weimer, Karl Linden