The Water Energy Nexus (WEN) Interdisciplinary Research Theme (IRT) was created in 2017 and is directed by Dr. Jason Ren. 


  • Bring together researchers from different disciplines to address the pressing challenges surrounding water, energy and associated systems (such as food, land, air quality and climate);
  • Provide leadership and support for stakeholders to build upon each other’s strengths to achieve major accomplishments beyond individual successes;
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration on large scale water-energy research projects to raise visibility and strengthen our leadership and accelerate our societal impact;
  • Develop a unique interdisciplinary training program for engineering students to enable them to become future leaders.


  • Administration of seed grant funds ($5,000-$20,000/grant);
  • Coordination of workshops and seminars;
  • Development of large scale research proposals;
  • Liason with relevant government agencies;
  • Faculty line in interdisciplinary areas.