Sara Glad
Postdoctoral Associate

Academic Background
Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Designated Emphasis in Development Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (2020)
Master of Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (2015)
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (2015)

Research Interests
My research interests are at the intersection of engineering and justice, informed by interdisciplinary approaches. In my Ph.D., I evaluated and designed effective treatment technology for arsenic-contaminated drinking water in small, low-income communities in California, using both engineering and social science methods. At CU Boulder, I am leading a pilot project to investigate the resilience, sustainability, and equity of infrastructures of justice. As part of my work in the RISE IRT, I help plan a seminar series and support IRT affiliates with proposals. I am open to mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. I am also happy to discuss research or IRT ideas with students, research associates, and faculty.