More seed grant announcements will be made in July 2021 and we continuously help our faculty affiliates with team formation efforts, proposal idea brainstorming meetings, writing of medium- to large-scale proposals, and proposal graphics. Please reach out to RISE Director Shideh Dashti for more information!

2021 Seedgrant Funding Cycle

Type one: 

  • Jota Samper (ENVD) and Paul Chinowsky (ENVD and CEAE), Project Title: “Informal Settlement Risk and Resilience,” $8,500.
  • Kyri Baker (CEAE and Electrical Eng.), Project Title: “Electric Vehicle Adoption and Associated Impacts on Infrastructure and Society,” $8,500.

Type two:​

  • Srikanth Madabhushi (CEAE), Project Title: “Exploring Soil as an Economic and Sustainable Construction Material for Resilient Infrastructure,” $14,000.