All interested faculty are welcome to join our team and we encourage you to contact Director Shideh Dashti for initial information and orientation.

Metrics for measuring success in the theme will be:

  • The number of publications, student degrees and interdisciplinary grants awarded
  • Domestic and international partnerships initiated
  • Reputation among peers, institutions, industry and agencies


There are two main funding types or opportunities available to our affiliates through seed grants:

  • Type 1: Four grants for $8,500 each for partial GRA or post-doc support or faculty course buy-out with the goal of generating preliminary data or working on a new proposal idea related to the three themes of the IRT (disaster resilience, environmental sustainability, and social justice/equity). Topic ideas spanning at least 3 different fields within and beyond engineering will be prioritized. 
  • Type 2: One grant for $14,000 to purchase equipment, sensors, etc. for generating preliminary data related to the IRT themes.

Additionally, the theme is offering a condensed fellowship/seed grant cycle of $10,000 that is open to faculty affiliates, post-docs, or graduate students in summer 2021. The effort will fund pilot projects and research activities that relate to the three themes of the IRT. The intension is for the funds to be spent from June 15 through Aug. 15, 2021.

Note that our seed grantees will also receive support from an IRT research associate on team formation and proposal preparation efforts.

All affiliated faculty (particularly within the college of engineering and applied sciences) are encouraged to submit a two-page “scope of work” document in addition to a 2-page CV per person for all principal investigators. The “scope of work” document should detail how you are proposing to use the seed funds, the names and affiliations of your collaborators, how your proposed activities support and relate to the three themes of the IRT, funding opportunities that you plan to explore, and your proposed timeline for spending the grant. The first round of applications closes on Oct. 30 at 5 p.m. mountain time.

Apply for a seed grant

2021 IRT Seminar Series