The Process Starts at The Center for Student Involvement

Student organizations can obtain funding for organization operations, special events and/or travel. Obtaining funding can be a smooth process if you know what is expected from the funding source and how to spend the money correctly within procedures and policies. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you with the process.

  1. Before going to funding sources, it's helpful to meet with you liaison to talk about previous funding.
  2. Remember to include University recharges (GAR and GAIR).
  3. If you are seeking funding from campus sources for travel or events, your budget MUST be reviewed and approved by the Center for Student Involvement before you submit your request.
  4. Organizations that do not have membership open to all students (fraternities, sororities, academic honor societies etc.) may be funded only for events they sponsor which are on-campus, free and open to the public.
  5. A written follow-up report to each mandatory fee funding source is required after event, or travel has occurred.
  6. Allocations must be spent according to the way they were passed by the funding sources.
  7. Unspent dollars revert to state funding sources on June 30. Good budgetary planning, however, will prevent the possibility of unspent funds.
  8. State funds cannot be given directly to charity or used for personal or private gain.

If the goal of your event is fundraising, you must clearly specify this to campus funding sources. The funding source must notify the Center for Student Involvement regarding the percentage of fundraised dollars they expect to receive. Visit the fundraising section for more details.

Campus and student fee funding sources must approve budgets for event coordination positions, and hours worked by students holding such positions. In addition, funds from administrative and academic departments are also state funds and must be spent according to state fiscal rules.

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