• Signers- Members of the organization who have the authority to manage financial aspects of the organization. They are the only members that are allowed to make deposits and withdraw money from the account. They are also the only ones that can make reservations with CU Events, Planning, and Catering. An organization can have up 3 signers. Signers will automatically be listed as administrators.
  • Portal Administrator- Members of the organization who are responsible for managing all functions of the organization’s BuffConnect portal.  Organizations may have as many portal administrators as they want and administrators do not need to be Signers.  The Center for Student Involvement recommends 1-4 administrators per portal.
  • Liaison- The Center for Student Involvement staff member who works with a student organizations to assist them in their operations including event and travel planning. These liaisons are based on how organizations self-categorize themselves.
  • Signer Training- The online training that all new signers must take before they can be approved. This training educates potential signers on how to manage organizations and all the policies and procedures associated with the management of an organization. The training take 15-20 minutes and is automatically sent to the new Signer to take once they have been listed as a Signer.
  • Good standing- When an organization is currently up to date on all organization information and is allowed to operate normally. They must be in good standing to make reservations with CU EP&C and gain funding for events and travel.
  • Warning Status- When an organization has not updated their organizations information annually and therefor is not able to gain funding or make reservations with CU EP&C.
  • CU Events, Planning, and Catering Office (EP&C)- The office is responsible for all on campus event and meeting needs including room reservation, catering orders, and event planning assistance. Organizations utilize EP&C to book all rooms and order catering for meetings and events.

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