With over 550 student organization on-campus, there is always a need to support the many goals, programs, and operations of student organizations. 

Why serve as an advisor?

Being an advisor for a student organization can be a very rewarding experience for faculty and staff. It gives faculty and staff the opportunity to interact with, guide, and support students in a capacity outside of their official job duties. This helps you develop in a capacity that is different than your regular tasks. It also gives you the opportunity to share information and teach hands-on skills such as leadership styles, organizational ethics, and program planning.

Who can be an advisor?

Advisors must be full-time faculty or staff members at the University of Colorado Boulder. A student organization may only have one advisor and the active advisor must be the person listed on file with the Center for Student Involvement.

What is the time commitment?

The amount of time required to serve as a student organization advisor varies based on the needs of the organization as well as the events taking place during the year. At minimum, the Center for Student Involvement recommends advisors to spend two to four hours a month on student organization processes throughout the academic year. A very active student organization advisor could expect to spend two to four hours a week engaged in student organization activities.

CSI suggests an advisor does these things each semester:

  • Attend at least one student organization general meeting
  • Meet with organization leaders at least once a month
  • Attend various events sponsored by the student organization you advise

 Interested? Email us if you are interested in serving as an advisor. Remember: you must be a CU Boulder faculty or staff member.